4 Methods How to Recover Deleted Text Message on iPhone

Even there are many text apps such as Whatsapp, FB Messenger and Line, some people still stick to iMessage and text built on the iPhone. But how if someday we found that our inbox are gone? Since it might full of important information, we should very stressful. Once you delete your message of your iPhone, it seems never coming back.

You can relax now because i have several ways to recover delated text on your iPhone.

Retrieve from an iCloud Back Up

You can get your deleted text message if you have an iCloud backup of your phone before you lost it. You can check you have it or not by going to Setting, tap General, tap Storage and iCloud Usage. Then, Manage Storage under the iCloud.

After that you can have a look at your iPhone back up if it include your text messages that you were looking for. When you find the backup, restore your iPhone completely to factory setting. For your info, you will lose your data you have added since the backup is being used to recover. So, you should be sure to save all of your data.

Retrieve delated text from a backup without overwriting your iPhone

You should try this step if you are not keen on overwriting the content of your phone with old backup.

Sadly, iCloud doesn’t back up text message in all phone operators. However, you only need to go to step number two to find out it is working or not.

  • You can login to http://icloud.com. Don’t forget to input your Apple ID and password.
  • Click on Text Message. If there is no massage has been backed up, skip this step.
  • Search the message to find the one you need.
  • Go back to your iPhone and choose setting.
  • Turn on Text Message.
  • Select ‘Keep on My iPhone’ when you see a pop up.
  • Back to Text Retrieving
  • Click marge and wait for a minute. Your delated message will appear back on your iPhone.

Retrive delated text from an iTunes backup

How to recover deleted text message on iPhone3You might be able to recover your text message if you have backed up your photo to iTunes on your Mac or PC.

Before doing this methods, this will overwrite the data on your phone.

Connect your computer to your iPhone. You should use your computer which used to sync with the phone. Then, you will see iTunes open automatically.

An iPhone icon will appear in the top left – hard corner. Select it! Choose ‘Restore Backup

The data on your phone will be replaced by your previous backed up data. Your delated massage should appear in your phone handset as long as you haven’t backed up subsequent or delate those messages.

Retrieving delated text by contacting your phone provider

If all the methods above don’t work for you, you could try this way. You should call your phone provider. Some of them may keep on a record of the text message, and you allow to access them. It is no harm to try right?

So, all of of them are how to recover delated text massage on Iphone. Which one is work for you?