5 Best Email Apps For IPhone 2017

Who doesn’t need an email in this modern era? Email is an important way of communication in our everyday lives. We can use it for work or even just for chatting with our friends. But if you cannot choose the appropriate email app in your IPhone, it can become a cluttered mess. Fortunately, many email apps are designed to help IOS users manage their inbox. In the list below, there are 5 best third party email apps for IPhone that you can choose to boost the productivity of your emails.

1. Gmail

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You can pick official Gmail app if you use Google services. It can manage multiple accounts and perfectly sink with all its services. For addition, you can also use the calendar to manage the invites or invitations to edit a doc right using Google docs. By this app, you possibly attach files and directly will integrate with Google Drive. It will help you share files via the cloud.

2. Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the favorite email clients for IOS. It has many awesome features. Instead of showing you a bucket list of emails you get, Outlook will just present you the most important email. It is the way it works. So you will easily interact with most frequently email from your contacts. Sound good huh? In addition, Outlook also has a tab labeled “other”. In this place the bulk emails stay. Gmail or Icloud account can be added here and of course you can see your calendars. The most amazing feature of outlook is even compatible with Apple Watch.

3. Newton Mail by Cloud Magic

Newton workswith some other email services, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange and all IMAP account. It is a subscription-based service that cost $50 each year. If you expect more about an email app, so you have already got the answer. It has a bucked of features, like snooze, read receipts, send later, and connected App. This amazing app is also compatible with the aplle watch.

4. Email – Organized by Alto

Using this email app you can manage all your accounts from many provider include Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Icloud, Hotmail, AOL Mail and even your corporate account. It is all in one email app. You can manage your email by collecting it into some categories. It will filter every email you receive based on the attachment type and weather they are starred or snoozed. The Email App has feature for customizing the touch gestures. You can use it for archiving, deleting, and starring your messages. I-Message for IOS is also compatible with this app.

5. Inbox by Gmail

Inbox has different aspect with the other apps. One of the best things about it is that it bundle several emails together so you can manage them all in one app at once. That is a different way to use your email. It is also completed with a very powerful ‘pin’ feature, which allows you to mark your important emails to the top of the others so you can easily find it. Inbox is very suitable for you who face a large amount of emails every day. You also can add your work email to your iphone.

All of them are 5 best popular email apps for IPhone you may use. According to you, which one is the best application? Which one did you decide to use?