Best Texting App for IPhone

If you use iPhone and be so curious what text services come to the best, you are in the right place. Actually, Apple’s iMessage service is good enough, but it only works if your friends are on an iPhone or IPad too. I am sure that not all of your friends use them, so you need powerful text app who can work well both iOS and android and of course it’s all free.

1. WhatsApp

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It not only allow you to send messages, but also videos, pictures, audio, links, and even locations to your friends or family for free using data allowance or over Wifi. So, there are no international messaging charges.

The best parts of Whatsapp are easy to use, have many features and works across iOS, Android and even in web browser. Creating a group message with a particular set of friends is also available here. Whatapp works with your mobile phone number without using a username and password. It is very easy to use and highly customizable to message others on the service as it connects via mobile number.

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has many similarities to Whatsapp. You can send messages, videos, pictures, links and more to your Facebook friend within the app. You also allow making groups chat or having individual conversation. It has huge number of stickers and gifs available to send too.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most powerful messaging apps that you can get for your IPhone because it has large user base that it comes with. Different to the Android version, Facebook Messenger for IOS doesn’t come with chat head. What it does come with is the ability to send photos, smileys, voice messages and the new stickers feature, which comes with enormous smileys and cute kitties.

3. Kik

Kik has more than a few similarities to Whatsapp and Facebook Massager. It has the ability to send photos, have group chats and be able to search for YouTube links, images and crudely self-drawn sketches. With over 80 million cross IPhone users, we can’t ignore it.

Creating and sending different memes to your friends are some of Kik’s ability. Kik proudly says that it is over WhatsApp and other messaging services because it is personal and private. You don’t need to share you mobile number or email address. You only need to share your username that you already create.

4. Snapchat

Snapchat becomes increasingly popular. It is different from other messaging service that the text or image will stay until you delete it, Snapchat provide different style of messaging. It doesn’t hang around for long, ten second at most.It is so fun, although not entirely practical if you want to share an important information or organize something together.

Snapchat also has a new features cropping up every day, so it is always fresh and interesting to use.

So, which text app will you use for your IPhone?