Comparison: Difference Between Iphone 6 And 6 Plus

Today I’m here to review iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus It seems it is exactly the same as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’ boxes As you can see the designer who was responsible for these boxes was on a vacation during this release. And I believe now he is back. This is the rose gold. When they announced the rose gold, I thought the color looked like something else. But when you see it in real life, it’s actually pretty alright. And this is the Space Gray, iPhone 6s Plus. I don’t know what gray looks like in space, because I’ve never been to space but I can definitely say With every new product this is becoming more silver-ish When compared with iPhone 6 Plus you can see the camera looks different. As you can see there is not much difference because it is only a hairline wider and taller What else is in the box? I don’t we’re going to have much of a surprise here.

It is the hairdryer for Smurfs, charger and the lightning cable. Yes, nothing new. Now, let’s take a look at this 3D Touch. As you can imagine when you force touch, the taptic engine kicks in so it feels like you’re clicking on something. Noice! If there is nothing to show you, it double clicks Now we have this new section called, Live Wallpapers. You can select which way you want to see the image. Let’s see the fish moving. Seems like the phone is heating up, let’s see. It’s up to 95 degrees right now. Hey Siri! What’s the weather like? It’s going to be hot and sunny today! How about the cases? Do these old cases going to fit the new iPhone? I think so. “How about an OlloClip?” you may ask. Well, I’m glad you asked. No problem at all. It’s all good. Let me answer the most important question you may have. It’s time to see if it bends. Naah! Well, maybe it does… Well, it depends on who is bending… Actually, you know what, no it doesn’t. I heard that it twists though For the selfie lovers now let’s take a look at the front facing flash.

It is actually not a flash, it is the screen, it goes as bright as it can. And then you can take a selfie in the dark, because you are the most beautiful thing and you need to take a lot of selfies.Yes. And I’m going to try this now. I’m going to turn this light off so you know I can take the photo in as dark as possible. and in, 1… 2… and 3… I’m going to turn this light back on and let’s see Just look at that. It not like a mug shot or anything. It’s the most beautiful photo I’ve ever seen. Also this beautiful photo is actually a live photo When we look at the sound levels, we see that still, nothing can beat iPhone 3G One of the nice things about the 3D Touch is when you put your finger down on the keyboard and and start moving around It becomes a touchpad, I can move my cursor around.

Now let’s get to the bottom of this and start comparing iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to the other iPhones. The second I plug this, into this all of these devices will get a command to boot. GO! And this is SunSpider Java Script Benchmark results As you can see iPhone, the first generation iPhone was 48,462ms and the newest iPhone it’s only 257ms or 254ms. Which is actually a little better than, iPad Air 2 And the GeekBench results are as follows. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is a lot faster than iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Actually with the single core score, iPhone 6s is faster than iPad Air 2 In the battery save (low power) mode, compared to the regular mode of iPhone 6, iPhone 6s is almost as fast as iPhone 6 In the low power mode iPhone 6 plus goes down to 1020 to 1736 Now let’s test the colors. For this I set my camera to manual exposure.

Auto brightness in all of these devices are turned off They are at maximum brightness and I prepared couple of colors to compare. Now let’s take a look at the heat situation. iPhone 1st generation 95 iPhone 3G is 95 degrees iPhone 3GS is 92 And iPhone 4 is iPhone 4S iPhone 5c is 93 iPhone 5 is 94 iPhone 5s is iPhone 6 is 95, 94,8. iPhone 6 Plus is 96 iPhone 6s is And iPhone 6s Plus is 104 I can cook eggs on iPhone 6s Plus Does iPhone 6s work with a screen protector? Does the 3D Touch work? I don’t know, let me just throw in this screen protector. No problem at all. I think the heat situation can be a problem with this one. 1degrees. Now let’s do the 3D Mark test. For this one I’m going to select Ice Storm Unlimited on every device.

I’m not sure what is going on with iPhone 6s Plus the result for 3D Mark is actually lower than iPhone 6 Plus This problem along with many others went away after I updated my iPhone to iOS 9. Now let’s do the fingering test. Yeah it is faster. I think it is time for the camera test now. With iPhone 6s under your camera settings now you can setup the camera to shoot in 4K at 30fps For the camera test I’ve prepared a mount. And here it is. With this, I put the iPhones here and here and here and here and here and here And shoot all at once, so we can see the difference clearly Ahh! Beautiful Rodeo Drive. This is where I go to get Bugatti Veyron in GTA. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s doesn’t optic stabilization. iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus has the optic stabilization. And we’re going to see the difference now. Now I’m walking. And now I’m running One of the best things about testing rigs like these, testing mounts like these is the attention.

It is how people stare at this and try to figure out what the hell I’m doing. Every year, every camera test. Never gets old. Now I have AyNine next to me and AyNine, what color iPhone do you use? I have a silver iPhone. You have a silver iPhone. Yeah So you didn’t, when you had the chance you didn’t get the Gold iPhone That’s right! So you like silver I do. I prefer silver. So what do you think about the rose gold? I think it is very pretty. I think it is very nice. It’s almost pink. If you were to pick between these two, what would you pick? I’d pick this one. Coz that’s pink. I’d pick that one too. That would be my choice The battery in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is actually smaller than iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus I’ve been using these phones exactly the same amount and if you don’t mind me hugging you from behind, I’m going to show you. This is iPhone 6 plus with %70 battery left after the video shoot and this is iPhone 6s Plus with 43% battery left As you can see I used the camera a lot and iPhone 6s Plus was shooting in 4K so it was using a lot more power than iPhone 6 Plus.

With the same amount of usage iPhone 6s is down to 27% One of the biggest question I’ve been asked is “Should I get iPhone 6 or should I get iPhone 6 Plus” I’ve always preferred iPhone 6 Plus, if you like shooting videos, with the optical stabilization, you’re going to have a good time. Yes it is too big, you can not type with one hand but it can do a lot and the battery life is a huge plus. This force touch, actually can sense the force applied. Look. If I force it little, the video is going slower and if I force harder the video plays faster. What about the weight, width, height, depth all those differences, do you feel it? No. I think the only people who feels the difference is the people who work at Apple.

It can be thicker it can have a bigger battery and I wouldn’t complain at all. And thanks to 2GB of memory, now when you go back to your Safari browser, it doesn’t reload the page, the page you looked at just comes back