How to Activate New iPhone

How to Activate New iPhoneThe first thing you should do with your iPhone is to set it up. This tips covers activating an iPhone 7 plus and 7, 6s plus and 6s, 6 plus and 6, 5s, 5c, or 5 running iOS 10.

You must ensure first that the version of iTunes in your iPhone is up to date. After installing and updating, your iPhone is ready to proceed.

Turn on IPhone

Turning on/working up your iPhone by holding down the sleep or power bottom in the top right corner or on the right edge, it depend on the type of your iPhone. You will directly see the image above, the swipe the slider to begin iPhone’s activation.

Select Language and Region

Second thing you should do is giving information about the location where you will be using the iPhone. In addition, you should select the language you want to use on screen and set the home country.

After selecting language and region, you need to connect to a Wi-Fi network. You don’t need to do this if your phone is connected to your computer while you set it up. Just in case you have a Wi-Fi network in the place you are activating your phone, tap on it and the input the password again (unless the password is changed) anytime you are in range. Then, click the Next bottom to proceed.

However, if you don’t have a wifi network in your place, scroll to the bottom of the scree until you see an option to use iTUnes. Tap and then plug your iphone into your computer using syncing cable that included in your iphone box.

Activate Phone

Your phone will activate itself once you have connected to wifi. you should do the steps below.

  1. Your phone will display the phone number associated with it. If it is yours, click next. But if it is not contact apple at 1-800-MY-iPHONE
  2. Next, you should enter billing zipcode for your phone company account and input the last four digits of your social security number. Then, tap next.
  3. You will see Agree to The Term and Condition that pop up. Scroll down and tap Agree.

Enable Location Services

It is up to you to turn on the location service or not. It allow you to get driving direction, find movies and restaurant nearby and other thing by the iPhone’s GPS features.

Security Features

I strongly recommended you to use security features at least one. It will secure your phone effectively. IPhone has two securities feature. They are Touch ID and Passcode. You better use all of them to make your phone more secure.

Set Up Your IPhone

There are four ways to set up your IPhone. First, you can restore from iCloud Backup to download the data from your account to your iPhone. Second, You can restore from iTunes Backup. If you have an Iphone, iPod, or iPad before, you can install all your apps, music, setting and other data on your new iPhone from the backup that already exist on your PC. Next, Set up as new iPhone. You should choose this option if you never have iPhone, IPad, or iPod. The last, move data from android. You could use this option to transfer your data on android as possible to your new iPhone.

Create or Enter Apple ID

Creating Apple ID is for securing your login for just about everything you do with Apple. You can log into an existing Apple ID or create a new one.

Enable iCloud

I recommended using iCloud because it allows you to do some features, such as Find My IPhone, Backup Your IPhone Data and Restore from backup over the internet and much more.

Enable iCloud Drive

You can choose to add iCloud drive to your device or skip by tapping Not Now. It lets you upload files to your iCloud account from one device and then it will sync automatically to all your compatible devices.

Enable Siri

Set up Siri by tapping to start the setup process or turn on Siri later to skip it.

After completing those processes, you can tap continue to finish setting up your IPhone. Then, your iPhone Activation is complete. If you have any problem with this process, you can contact apple support center.