How to Activate Verizon Calling Iphone

Verizon WiFi Calling on the iPhone is delivered by Apple and Verizon that let all users make calls and receive call on WiFi so in the poor coverage, you still can catch people up.

Apple has supported FaceTime audio for a long time. It lets iPhone’s users chat with other iCloud users via Wi-Fi and celluler data just if your carrier allowed it. Different from FaceTime Audio, you can reach any phone number on any carrier or device, even for home phones.

The best part of it, there is no additional charge. You can call all U.S numbers for free, even when you travel around the world. Of course, you have to be covered by WiFi. It will use the WiFi data for about 1 MB per minute for audio and 6-8 MB for a video call.

How to Activate Verizon Calling Iphone

Here, I will explain you how to set Verizon WiFi on your iPhone running iOS 9.3 or higher. But, before turning on WiFi calling on, ensure the device meets the following conditions. First, You have to activate and turn on the HD Voice. Second, your WiFi calling should be activated and turned on, too.

After you activate and turn on the HD Voice and WiFi calling, you can go to the next step.

First step you can do is logging into your Verizon Account, then you can click on Manage My Account and after that, tap On for the change features. Next, you can click on Add Advanced Calling. After it is already set up, you can go to the next step.

You still need to follow a few simple steps on the iPhone to turn on WiFi calling. Open the iPhone‘s home screen and click on the Setting App. Tap ON Phone in the Setting Menu and then tap on WiFi.

After tapping the WiFi, you can set up an Emergency Address and confirm that you understand how it works. Switch WiFi Calling on your phone to ON. Next, tap on Enable to Pop Up warning on your screen. Last, input an emergency address that will show up for 911.

Verizon have to allow 911 calls and include an address so it will allow voice calls over the internet. One day when you call 911 over the WiFi, this address will be used to get you when you are unable to provide an address to the operator. Don’t worry, there is no change for your billing address.

Now, you can use your Verizon WiFi calling.

Just in case you want to know how to turn it on with your other device, I give you several tips. Before that, you have to make sure that your carrier support it. You can give any device on your iCloud account the ability to make and receive calls, even when your iPhone isn’t nearby.

First, open the Setting up and tap Phone. After that, choose the WiFi Calling. If it is available for your carrier, select Add Wi-Fi Calling for Other Devices. A Safari WebView will prompt you to set up sync for your other devices. After you’re finished, you should get alerts on your other devices confirming availability for Wi-Fi calling.

I hope the information about Verizon WiFi Calling IPhone above is useful for you. If you want to try texting using your iphone freely, you can read this one tutorial.