How to Add Your Work email to Your iPhone

The Apple iPhone is capable of allowing you to access your email account with most providers; including your work email account through Microsoft Exchange or another email client. If the configuration settings of your email client are not already programmed into your iPhone, you can contact your email provider directly to obtain the incoming and outgoing server information, which you can then program into your iPhone to have access to your work’s email account.

This article will walk you through the steps for adding your Microsoft Exchange email account or an email client not already configured into your iPhone. Steps Add Microsoft Exchange Email Obtain the domain and server names for your email account. Contact the network administrator at your place of work if you need help with obtaining this information. Tap the Settings icon from the home screen of your iPhone.

Select the option for “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.” Tap on “Add Account” and select “Microsoft Exchange.” Type in your Microsoft Exchange account information. You will be prompted for your email address, domain name, the username and password you use to access email at work, and a description for the account. Provide your server information when prompted and click “Next.” Switch your Mail option to “On” when you are prompted for synchronization preferences. This screen will also allow you to specify whether you want to synchronize your email contacts and calendar between your email account and your iPhone. Tap on the “Save” button to save your changes. Your work email can now be accessed from the “Mail” icon on your iPhone’s home screen. If you need to modify your work’s Microsoft Exchange information in the future, such as domain or server name, go back to “Settings” from your iPhone’s home screen and select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.” Choose your Microsoft Exchange account, then select “Account Info” to make changes.

Add Other Work Email Tap on “Settings” from the main screen of your iPhone. Tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and select “Add Account.” Choose “Other” if you do not see your work email’s client already provided on the screen. Select “Add Mail Account”. Type your work’s email configurations into the appropriate fields. This will allow your iPhone to access your work’s email account. If the iPhone does not recognize or properly configure your email information, you may need to contact your email provider directly to collect configuration details. Contact your work’s email provider. Visit the email provider’s main website to locate a help section or their contact information; such as a telephone number, email address, live chat, or contact form. Ask the email provider for email configuration settings. Find out if the account type is POP or IMAP, obtain the incoming and outgoing server names, incoming and outgoing server port numbers, incoming and outgoing usernames and passwords, and whether the incoming and outgoing servers support SSL.

Visit the “My Email Settings” Apple support link featured in the Sources section of this article for a complete list of information you need from your email provider. Enter the email client’s configuration settings. You may need to return to the email account settings section of your iPhone to complete this process. Tap on “Next” to finish the process of adding your work email. You will now be able to access your work’s email client directly from your iPhone. Video Warnings The iPhone will not allow you to register or sign up for a work email account through the “Mail” or “Settings” menus. To add the work email account to your iPhone, you must already have an existing username and password for the email account from the provider.