How to Fix Iphone Charger

How to fix Iphone ChargerIf you find your iPhone charger broken, you should do several tips how to fix an iPhone charger before figuring out you need a new one or not.

Apple’s IPhone charger often break or stop working. But it is not so surprise because it do take a battering over the years. In addition, sometimes we have a habit to constant plugging and unplugging.

Well, you may thing you just need to go to Apple store and buy a new charger or cable, but it costs money right? So, here I will give you several tips to make sure that you really need buying the new one or not.

Check If your charger is still working.

IPhone charger has two parts, the Apple Power Adapter (the plug bit) and the lightening to USB cable.

The lightening cable plugs into the adapter in one side, and the IPhone for the other side. Meanwhile, the adapter plugs into the wall.

If your iPhone doesn’t start charging when everything is plugged in correctly, you need to test several things. You need to try swapping out each part to see which one is at fault.

  1. Test the wall socket. Use a different wall socket but keep everything else the same.
  2. Test the iPhone. Use your charger to charge the other device. If it is working, so the problem is not in your charger, but your iPhone.
  3. Test the cable. Try different cable to charge your iPhone. But make sure you use the same adaptor, device and plug socket. If you don’t have extra cable, try to connect your iPhone into your Mac. If it can be synced and Mac can detect your device, so the cable is working.
  4. If your device, wall socket and the cable are working, it can be confirmed that the problem is the power adapter. If you have extra of it or maybe your friend give you, you can change the power adaptor and keep using the same wall socket, cable and iOS device.

All of steps above should help you to find which element is at fault, and which one is broken and need to be fixed or replaced.

I will also give you tips how to repair a broken cable and Apple Power Adapter.

How to repair a broken cable

Sadly, Apple’s lightening cables will fray and weaken where the port meets the cable. The cable seems get twisted. Over time the plastic coating wears out.

We need to get the point where the cable stops working. It may require drastic, but it is okay. If you are handy with a soldering iron, it is so possible to repair the wiring of lightening to USB cable. You can check YouTube video to know how the process.

How to repair a broken Apple power adapter

How to fix Iphone ChargerIf you find out that the problem is the adaptor, I suggest you to buy a replacement. I do not advise you to open up and repair the Apple Power Adaptor by yourself unless you know what you really do. It seems impossible to repair the Apple Power Adaptor without breaking all the components inside. It because of the amount of glue in the interior.

Apple now provides a new model of Power Adaptor. I suggest you to get the Apple 12W USB Power Adapter since many recent iPhone model can use to charge faster.