How to Manage Your Documents And Data Iphone

Today I’m going to show you manage the iCloud storage for your iphone, iPad or ipod touch. iCloud comes with free five gigabytes of storage for every account if you need more than that you have to pay to upgrade your account I’m going to show you how you can manage that storage so that that you don’t get pressured or pushed into paying for that upgraded unless you absolutely have to  i mentioned in the introduction, iCloud comes with five gigabytes of free storage it’s data stored inside of your apps that count against your total when you do a back up into iCloud. email documents and pictures in your camera-roll also count against your total when you do a backup into iCloud.. music, iBooks and pictures in your photostream do not count against your 5GB total. so let’s get right to it first you want to go on your settings go into ‘iCloud’ scroll down and tap “storage and back up” and here you can see your total storage being used how much is available and they are some options here.

This is where you would purchase your additional storage if you need to, by hitting the “change storage plan” button.. here if your backups are not on, this is where you would turn them on you can also turn them off and you can also force a backup by hitting me back up now if you tap the “manage storage button” you can see here what’s being used in your backup this is going to show all devices on your account as you can see here i have my iphone.. as well as ipad, on the ipod adhere and my only option is just to delete this back up out of icloud.. i don’t actually want to do that but if i did i would just at the red delete backup button if i go into the settings for my iPhone which is this device you can see here that now it’s showing me how much is being used for my last backup was it was march fifteenth it shows me how much each of my apps is being used in back up so my camera roll which is our or a little more all of the pictures there in my camera is taking up six meg(abytes) if i didn’t want that to be backed up anymore i could just have that to “off” i have and “iTalk” recorder app which is taking up thirty one meg and since i don’t really care about the data thats in that application i don’t really need it backed-up, so I am going to turn that off wants me to confirm that i want to turn off and delete any previous backups from that app..

i confirm that and let’s see .. for.. CNN, here that’s taking a five megabytes i don’t care about that data that’s in their i’m gonna turn that off also it showing the most used apps.. the uh… the apps that are using the most data i can tap “show more apps” to see all of them and let’s see here… this podcast app I never use.. i don’t need anything in their backed up i don’t use this translate app.. I’m going to turn all of these off because i don’t care what’s in them if my iPhone ever crashed and i restored it from a back up or if i got a new iphone and i was restoring it or setting a new iphone up from one of these backups i wouldn’t care ..if..

The data from these apps was there or not.. so it’s not really necessary to be taking up that storage space if you have apps that make use of iCloud for storage not all apps do. uh… these are apps that actually use icloud to store data that you’ve created. you’llsee those listed here under documents and data and i look at the Preview app.. i can see that using 21KB of data that’s not really very much but if i wanted to delete that data and free up some space i can just hit my “edit” button select delete.

and now I’ve cleared up that i cloud storage space you can see here that in mail i’m using up 300MB.. if i want to free up more icloud storage space i’d have to go into my mail app and individually delete the large items uh, items with attachment or pictures, videos that sort of thing to free up that storage space and of course if i want to change my storage plan and pay for more storage i can do that right here we don’t actually want to do that must we actually have two that’s the whole point of this article to show you how you can free up storage before you’re forced to buy more but if you needed to this is where you would purchase it and that’s all there is to it! if you have any questions please post them below.