This What Have You to Do When Your Iphone Fell in Water

You have to read this emergency tips in case you dropped your IPhone in the bath, swimming pool or even in the sea.

If you find your IPhone fell in water, you should be so shock. I believe that you want to quickly dry it out, fix the damage and of course recover the data inside.

Calm down! It is not the end of your IPhone. There is no guaranty that your phone will be okay, but it may survive another day. Here the tips are.

1. External Drying

First time you find your phone in the water, get it out right away. Don’t plug it in. You have to unplug it carefully if it is plugged already. Don’t forget to remove the case from your phone if you use it. Then, you have to take the simcard out. Don’t try to removing the battery unless you are willing to void the warranty.

You have to be sure that you wipe the access and exterior liquid off everything you can get. Shake it gently to clean the ports and socket.

The steps above will help you reduce the number of nook and crannies and of course avoid the damage to Iphone’s key components.

2. Power Off

The circuits inside the IPhone should be inactive. Activating cause long term damage for leading to short circuits. Just leave it off. Don’t try to power it up and see it still works or not. Your phone will promptly stop working forever because of your curiosity.

How if you dropped your phone when it was switched on or in the sleep mode? In this case, you have two options. First,power it down. But before it is switching off, the screen and operating system will wake up briefly in the process. Second, leave the device in sleep mode and let’s pray you don’t get any notification that can directly wake your phone up.

You are so lucky if you leave your phone in Airplane Mode when you dropped the device. One thing for sure, you have to leave your phone alone for about 48 hours to make it dry completely.

3. Dry out with uncooked rice

Using a hairdryer or other heat treatment will damage the internal components of IPhone. You need to desiccant to get moisture out of the iPhone. Uncooked rice will be a good answer. Many people say that put the iPhone in big bowl of the stuff until it covered completely will absorb the moisture completely.

4. Dry out iPhone with silica gel sachets

If you think that uncooked rice will give dust or even entire grains into the port, you should try this tips.

Silica gel sachets can dry your wet iPhone out more effective than rice. However, you still need to complete the drying of you iPhone by waiting for about 48 hours before powering it on.

Those are the tips for you when you find your IPhone fell in water. I hove all the tips works for your phone.