What Happens When You Reset Your Iphone

Hello everyone. Welcome to howiphone.com. In this tutorial we will see how to reset your password reset your apple id password if your forget it. At first for that we will have to go this website appleid.apple.com. Now you will see a link here “reset your password”, click on that. You need to enter your apple id. Click on “Next” button. There are two ways by which you can reset your forgotten password. One is by sending an email to the apple id address or the next way is by answering the security question. Let us at first use the first method. An email will be send to the email address which was used to create the apple id. Select this one and click on “Next”. Now an email has been sent to my email address which I have used to create an apple id. I have created an email apple id by using my gmail address. So, let me go to my gmail address and sign in. Now there is a message here how to reset your apple id password.

I will open this one. Now there is a link which I can use to reset the password.. Click on it. Now you need to enter the new password. The password should be eight characters, must have at least one digit, one upper case, and one lower case. Now after entering the new password I will click on “Reset password’ button. Now it is telling me that the new password must not have been used in the past. I should not have used that password before.

So, I need to enter a new password. After entering than I click on “Reset password”. So, this shows that my apple id has been reset. Now let me go and use my new password. Okay, so I have successfully changed my, reset my forgotten apple id password.

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